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          If you need to contact school, please  telephone 01484 868777, send an email to mainoffice@sharemat.co.uk, send a message via the MyEd app or send a text to us.   

          If you need to contact us with regards to a serious safeguarding concern, please telephone 07387 792 729. 








          Exams Summer 2020 


           Please click on the link below to for further inforamtion regarding the awarding of grades for Summer Exams 2020.  


          Letter from Mr Wadsworth - awarding of Grades for Summer Exams 2020



           Further information is also available on the government website - please click the link below. 





          Message for our Sixth Form Applicants for September 2020 - 

          Offers are being sent out via the 'get-into system' and via emails to student accounts rather than a posted letter.
          External offers are being sent via get-into/to the email address they have provided on their applications.  If you have any queries with regards to this, please send and email to mainoffice@sharemat.co.uk 

          If you are having trouble accessing online resources, or having trouble accessing emails and work, please click on the 'troubleshooting' link in the news items above. 


          Please click the link below for details on how students access the VLE and emails   


          Click on the news article in the banner above for details of online resources and links to the VLE

           Click on the link below for help and information on looking after your Mental health during school closure 

          School Closure - Mental Health Support

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